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Bright Future Predicted For China’s Film Industry

Number Of Productions, Star Power Growing Annually On The Back Of Higher-Budget Blockbusters. Can Western Markets Be Next?

He Ping's historical action drama "Wheat" premieres this week at the Shanghai Film Festival. Photo © Xinhua

He Ping's historical action drama "Wheat" premieres this week at the Shanghai Film Festival. Photo © Xinhua

Yesterday, during a seminar at the 12th annual Shanghai Film Festival, critics predicted that the Chinese film industry would continue to grow regardless of the global economic downturn, driven by an increased demand for domestic films at home and the potental for broader distribution abroad. Although the domestic Chinese film industry has had issues since its infancy, due to censorship and underdeveloped licensing and production capabilities, in recent years the industry has become more sophisticated as production value has risen.

As the Shanghai Daily notes, the growing recognition abroad of Chinese talent, from well-known actors like Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Zhang Ziyi to newer talents like actress Fan Bingbing and director Ning Hao, could help propel the Chinese film industry to greater global appeal.

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Chinese Luxury Brand Launches New Phone In Style

With A Big-Name Spokeswoman And Niche-Within-A-Niche Target Market, Can CECT’s Luxury Handsets Make A Name For Themselves Globally?

The As-Yet-Unpriced VEVA S90 is the company's newest luxury handset

The Recently-Announced, As-Yet-Unpriced VEVA "S90 Business Phone" is the company's newest luxury handset

The Chinese telecom company Qiao Xing, which produces mobile phones under its subsidiary CECT, has recently made some tech headlines stateside, after rumors that the company had signed an agreement with American chipmaker Freescale Semiconductor to purchase Freescale’s mobile handset chip business proved true, then news broke that the company had hired 200 engineers to get busy developing new 3G mobile phones. All of this news, ostensibly, shows that Qiao Xing and CECT are interested in better positioning themselves to break out of the Chinese market and retool for global competitiveness.

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