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Young Chinese Artists Reflect The Changing Urban Landscape

Exhibition Of Young Chinese Artists In Shanghai Gives Post-Reform Artists New Platform To Find New Audiences

The "Scattered Times" exhibition takes place at Shanghai Times Square

The "Scattered Times" exhibition takes place at Shanghai Times Square

As the art world begins to rebound from the global economic slowdown, this summer has brought plenty of great opportunities to see contemporary Chinese art around the world. With domestic demand growing rapidly, and as more Chinese middle- and upper-class individuals diversify their assets to include mainstays like gold and property but also portable assets like art and jewelry, the Chinese art market has been one of the more active art areas in 2009. As Chinese-American artist Jian Wang recently said after spending several months working in China, “The Chinese art market is very hot, and Chinese contemporary art is seen [by Chinese collectors] as a commodity and a good investment.”

Reflecting the speed at which contemporary art in China is gaining allure for the local market, young artists in China are finding an increasing number of venues at which to exhibit their art. This week, 20 young Chinese artists will present at the “Scattered Times” contemporary art exhibition at Shanghai Times Square on Huaihai Road. As this article from China Net points out, the exhibition gives artists in a wide number of mediums the opportunity to present their works to a more receptive domestic audience:

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