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Mobile Web Usage in China Surpasses U.S.

Vast Potential Market For Mobile Commerce Waiting To Be Reached

AdAge China reports on a new study that finds mobile web users in China have outnumbered those in the U.S. — not entirely surprising, since the number of mobile phone users in China outnumbers the entire US population, but still significant.

Of 57 million people with web-enabled mobile phones in the U.S., 18 million, or about 31%, use the devices to connect to the internet. Of 182 million people with web-enabled mobile phones in China, 102 million (56%) use them for web-surfing.

In China, people spend more of their monthly income–about 2-3%–for voice and data plans, compared to about 1% in the U.S. However, fees for premium content tend to be lower in China. A song typically costs a dollar in the U.S., but might cost a quarter in China.

More than 10% of Chinese discover web services through the phone first and then migrate to the computer.

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