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The Pearl River Delta Rises On A Tide Of Art Developments

The Influential Trio Of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, And Guangzhou Roar To Life For Events Like The Guangzhou Triennial

ART HK 09 takes place from May 14-17

ART HK 09 takes place from May 14-17

Art collectors and lovers are looking to Hong Kong to become Greater China’s devoted art epicenter. The region’s already-enacted duty law reforms, smooth business culture, and unique blend of Asian and Western culture have made it, and continue to make it, the world’s meeting ground. In the arts, this is no exception. Taking place in the heart of China’s wealth factory, the Pearl River Delta of Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou — where the Mainland’s first experiments with capitalism took place in the late 1970s — annual events like the Guangzhou Biennial and the upcoming Hong Kong Art Fair (ART HK 09) are big draws for China’s emerging art consumer, the wealthy, investment-savvy “New Chinese Collector.”

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