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Developments in the Chinese Art World

Recent Acquisitions by Museums and More Interest From Local Collectors Running in Parallel

Wang Qingsong - Can I Cooperate With You?, 2000

Wang Qingsong - Can I Cooperate With You?, 2000

While some art critics only see doom and gloom ahead for art markets around the world, it looks like there are pockets of good news for a handful of contemporary artists and art buffs.

Sichuan Province’s Chongqing News recently did a story on the Chinese art market , through the lens of how the global economic slowdown has brought down the price of nearly everything in China, from real estate to automobiles, and how this dive in prices has extended even to the realm of contemporary works of art. At this moment, the consensus seems to be: If you have the money, you might as well buy as much of this stuff as you can now, since

prices are going down (though [not as much] for the big names), and it could be a good time to invest.

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