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BBC: “Art & Politics In China”

The BBC has posted a great slideshow on the intersection of art and politics in China from 1949 to the present day, looking at the remarkable transition of art in China over the last 60 years from social realism and propaganda of the 1960s to the internationalized contemporary Chinese art of today.

See the slideshow here.

Buying Opportunities in Contemporary Chinese Art: It’s Now in the East!

From Individual Collectors To Hedge Funds, Asset Allocation Is The Name Of The Game

Sui Jianguo's "Legacy Mantle" (2005) is expected to pull in $77,768 - $129,613 at Christie's upcoming HK auction

Sui Jianguo's "Legacy Mantle" (2005) is up for auction in Hong Kong this week

We have written several times about contemporary art’s value as a hedge against inflation, and discussed several contemporary Chinese artists whose work is increasingly being purchased by everyone from individual Chinese “New Collectors” to major world museums like MOMA and the Getty. Since there are a number of large-scale auctions scheduled this summer, from auction houses from Sotheby’s and Christie’s to their emerging counterparts China Guardian and Poly from China, Korea’s Ravenel, and Indonesia’s Borobudur, what should those interested parties know about what’s out there in Chinese art?

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Two Corners of the Globe, Two Chinese Art Exhibitions

Boston’s “Mahjong” Exhibition and Brisbane’s “China Project” Showcase Chinese Contemporary Art

Included in the Mahjong exhibition: Liu Xiaodong, "Eating", 2000

Included in the Mahjong exhibition: Liu Xiaodong, "Eating", 2000

Two simultaneous exhibitions of Chinese Contemporary Art are bringing artwork from dozens of top Chinese artists to crowds in Boston and Brisbane, showing off the respectable collections of Uli Sigg (Boston show) and Nicholas Jose and Claire Roberts (Brisbane). The Boston Globe writes that the important works from Sigg’s extensive and exhaustive collection have provided guests with a great introduction to China’s thriving art world:

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