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British Theater To Stage “Romeo And Juliet” In Seven Chinese Cities

TNT Theater’s Tour Will Visit Tianjin, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Ningbo, Hangzhou And Xi’an

TNT's past staging of "Oliver Twist" was a big hit in Beijing

TNT's past staging of "Oliver Twist" was a big hit in Beijing

It seems that cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world are becoming increasingly commonplace, with large-scale events like Carnegie Hall’s “Ancient Paths, Modern Voices” festivals in New York and Orange County, the “Experience China in Israel” event in Tel Aviv giving foreign audiences a chance to see a cultural cross-section. Over the past few years in China, foreign cultural organizations and groups have made regular trips to the country to give Chinese audiences a chance to do the same. The most recent of these cultural exchanges, a staging of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” performed by Britain’s TNT Theater, began its seven-city tour of China this week, and is set to perform the play throughout the country until November 29. From Xinhua:

Cui Yang, general manager of the Beijing-based Milky Way Arts and Communications Co., Ltd, the play’s importer, said the new version featured a cappella (singing without instrumental accompaniment) and live score which was specially commissioned for the play. 

 According to Cui, all the sound effects in the drama were created by human voices instead of being pre-recorded.

The TNT Theater, founded in 1980, has been distinguished for its simple stage decoration, strong British style and cross-gender performances. It has previously won the acclaim of Chinese audience with dramas such as Charles Dickens’ “Oliver Twist” and Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”.

In the run-up to next year’s Shanghai’s World Expo, and certainly in its aftermath, we should see a great deal more cultural exchange going on both inside and outside China, as more foreign audiences look to learn about China’s ancient and modern cultures, and Chinese audiences look to learn more about important global and historical trends.

Architecture & Design Firm Bets On China’s Second- And Third-Tier Cities

American Firm Callison, With More Than 1.4 Million Square Meters Of Space Under Construction, Sees Sustained Urban Growth

Hangzhou's MixC is one of southeast China's most striking architectural complexes

Hangzhou's MIXc is one of southeast China's most striking architectural complexes

The Seattle-based architectural and retail design firm Callison announced today that it plans to leverage its nearly 20 years of experience in the Chinese market to direct more in-country staff and resources to its already-intensive China efforts. As we’ve written before, many observers think China’s future will depend on its second- and third-tier cities rather than the traditional business and cultural centers of Shanghai and Beijing, and Callison is looking to be one of the biggest players in the development of these large, but still underdeveloped, cities.

According to a company press release, the firm has put China high on its global list of priorities. The firm’s former CEO and current Principal, Bill Karst, is currently based in China, and the firm has more than 1.4 million square meters of space under construction, including The MIXc luxury shopping complex in Hangzhou  and 24 City in Chengdu, both of which are being developed by China Resources. As the release goes on to point out, Callison is uniquely positioned in terms of major foreign architecture and design firms in China, as it has been in the market since 1991 — giving it rare insight into the workings and particularities of the Chinese market:

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Chinese “Nouveau Riche” List Topped By Beijing

Beijing Bests Five Other Cities In Number Of Newly Rich, With 8,800, In Hurun Report’s Newest List

Hurun's Report on the Nouveau Riche took many cultural and geographic factors into account

Hurun's Report on the Nouveau Riche took many cultural and geographic factors into account

China Daily writes on the Hurun Report‘s newest list of China’s nouveau riche, tabulating the number of Chinese who have grown wealthy in the last year in six cities — Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, and Shenyang. This report clarifies its methodology by noting that to be a member of the “nouveau riche” in Beijing, a basic consumption standard of at least 87 million yuan each year (approximately 12.73 million USD), is required (About 51,000 people in China have such consumption capability).

While this type of report can be considered by some to be petty and, in some ways, not terribly enlightening — as everybody already knows China’s wealthy are growing very rapidly — it does shed some valuable light not so much on how much money they have, but rather what they are doing with it, and what it means to them. China Daily gives some more detail on this side of the report:

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Hangzhou Hopes To Boost Tourism With New Raffles City “Mega-Hotel”

UNStudio-Designed Raffles City Mega Hotel To Be 60 Stories Tall, Incorporating Offices, Residences, Mall, 5-Star Hotel

Raffles City Hangzhou will reach a height of 60 stories, presenting views both to and from the Qiantang River and West Lake areas.

Raffles City Hangzhou will reach a height of 60 stories, presenting views both to and from the Qiantang River and West Lake areas.

The British website Holiday Hypermarket reports on the massive, mixed-use Raffles City “mega hotel,” currently under construction in the city of Hangzhou, which city planners hope will increase tourism and boost the local economy. Hangzhou, situated near Shanghai in China’s coastal southeast, is known more for its natural beauty and traditional architecture, but city officials hope that the “totally green” Raffles City mega hotel will make the city more attractive for companies that would otherwise be drawn to its more cosmopolitan neighbor.

This will be the sixth Raffles City project designed by UNStudio, following similar projects in Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Bahrain, according to the company’s website. As Holiday Hypermarket points out, Raffles City Hangzhou is expected to be completed by 2012, and will feature several unique aspects that should set it apart from other large-scale mixed-use construction projects currently in progress throughout the mainland:

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