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Lenovo Planning High-Tech, High-End “iPhone Killer”

Company Developing Handset Aimed At Luxury Market In China, Featuring 3G and Operating System By China Mobile

Will Lenovo really be able to rival the iPhone in China?

Will Lenovo really be able to rival the iPhone in China?

As the world’s largest mobile phone market, constant innovation is a must for Chinese handset makers who want to compete on quality and features rather than low price. As we wrote several months ago, some of these high-end handsets — like the VEVA S90 — are designed to appeal to the luxury market more for their styling and exclusivity, but as Computerworld‘s Owen Fletcher writes today, Chinese tech companies like Lenovo are beginning to see the value in developing higher-profit models that use proprietary technologies.

With Apple’s iPhone expected to enter the Chinese market some time in the fourth quarter of this year, Chinese handset makers will have to intensify their efforts to create a touchscreen 3G phone with the features that consumers really want. So will Lenovo’s O1 be able to do what phones like the Palm Pre and Android G1 have not — topple the iPhone’s dominance in the smartphone market, if only in China?

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Chinese Luxury Brand Launches New Phone In Style

With A Big-Name Spokeswoman And Niche-Within-A-Niche Target Market, Can CECT’s Luxury Handsets Make A Name For Themselves Globally?

The As-Yet-Unpriced VEVA S90 is the company's newest luxury handset

The Recently-Announced, As-Yet-Unpriced VEVA "S90 Business Phone" is the company's newest luxury handset

The Chinese telecom company Qiao Xing, which produces mobile phones under its subsidiary CECT, has recently made some tech headlines stateside, after rumors that the company had signed an agreement with American chipmaker Freescale Semiconductor to purchase Freescale’s mobile handset chip business proved true, then news broke that the company had hired 200 engineers to get busy developing new 3G mobile phones. All of this news, ostensibly, shows that Qiao Xing and CECT are interested in better positioning themselves to break out of the Chinese market and retool for global competitiveness.

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Mobile Web Usage in China Surpasses U.S.

Vast Potential Market For Mobile Commerce Waiting To Be Reached

AdAge China reports on a new study that finds mobile web users in China have outnumbered those in the U.S. — not entirely surprising, since the number of mobile phone users in China outnumbers the entire US population, but still significant.

Of 57 million people with web-enabled mobile phones in the U.S., 18 million, or about 31%, use the devices to connect to the internet. Of 182 million people with web-enabled mobile phones in China, 102 million (56%) use them for web-surfing.

In China, people spend more of their monthly income–about 2-3%–for voice and data plans, compared to about 1% in the U.S. However, fees for premium content tend to be lower in China. A song typically costs a dollar in the U.S., but might cost a quarter in China.

More than 10% of Chinese discover web services through the phone first and then migrate to the computer.

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