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Dongfeng, Geely, Great Wall, BYD Set For Rapid Growth In Chinese Auto Market

Analysts Indicate That Low Ownership Rates, Government Subsidies May Spur Faster Growth Of World’s Largest Auto Market

Dongfeng is looking to compete with other domestic Chinese brands to capture market share from foreign competitors

Dongfeng is looking to compete with other domestic Chinese brands to capture market share from foreign competitors

From the recent Shanghai Auto Show to news that the Chinese government plans to offer higher subsidies for consumers trading in old vehicles for new ones, China’s auto market has been a busy place in recent months. With the sluggish performance of carmakers in more developed global markets, the news that auto shares in China — currently the world’s biggest car market — are expected to outperform this year will, in many ways, comfort global auto companies.

However, as we have previously discussed, the news that Chinese car buyers are growing rapidly as a consumer base shouldn’t be enough for foreign automakers — as domestic brands like BYD, Geely, Chery and others vie for dominance in this rapidly-changing market, foreign automakers will have to invest heavily if they are to keep the lead they have built in the last 10-20 years.

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Geely, Great Wall, Chery Show China’s Domestic Luxury Auto Market Shifting Into Gear

New Luxury Models From Geely, Great Wall Target Evolving Market, Seeking Market Share From Foreign Brands

The Geely GE: Will Geely's Foray Into The Luxury Market Pay Off? © Geely

The Geely GE: Could Geely's first foray into the luxury market pay off? © Geely

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At the Shanghai Auto Show, foreign car executives have been discussing the prospects for their brands in the mainland China market as domestic carmakers begin to move beyond their traditional low price-point and into more high-end, luxury segments.

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Luxury SUV Market in China Apparently Alive and Kicking

Great Wall’s High-End Hover Concept Takes Shape


Great Wall's Hover 3 Concept -- Are China's domestic luxury automakers going to be able to keep up with their foreign competitors?

Chinese carmaker Great Wall’s Hover series of SUVs has seen surprising popularity throughout China, and it looks like the brand is keen to increase its model offerings to include a smaller version of its flagship luxury SUV the H7.

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