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Will Investors Reevaluate Art Investment Funds? And Will Fund Managers Include A Global Mix Of Art?

Investment Funds Looking To Buy Artwork, Gains In Industry Expected As Investor Confidence Increases

Wang Jin, Knocking at the door, 1995 © Wang Jin

Wang Jin, Knocking at the door, 1995 © Wang Jin

It has not been a very good year or so for assets in general, as everyone knows. Reflecting the new hesitance to put money towards the great-risk-but-great-rewards-maybe investments of the world like real estate, investment funds are getting creative. Some funds are going against the grain, putting money toward assets that are not expected to bring quick, huge returns yet are expected to appreciate over time and — perhaps most importantly — outpace inflation. Since massive global spending on stimulus packages and the like are expected to bring at least SOME measure of inflation into the picture, investors are looking at assets that will keep their money in check, and allow it to grow at a sustainable pace.

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