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Chinese Automakers Developing “Luxury With Chinese Characteristics”, Adapting From Porsche, BMW

Formerly Budget-Focused Brands Like Geely Shifting To Lucrative High-End Consumer Segment

The Chinese middle class is an important and growing consumer segment, and Chinese domestic brands are increasingly relying on this group's future purchasing power to drive global growth

The Chinese middle class is an important and growing consumer segment, and Chinese domestic brands are increasingly relying on this group's future purchasing power to drive global growth

The Wall Street Journal has a great profile today about Chinese auto brands that have shifted 180 degrees in the last few years, changing their target market from the younger, budget-conscious first-time car buyer to wealthier buyers who may already own one or more vehicles. This represents a very significant change in tactic on the part of Chinese automakers, who until recently had all but given up on this consumer bracket, apparently convinced that it would be impossible to compete with foreign luxury carmakers like Mercedes and BMW, two brands that have made commanding inroads in the China market.

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Geely, Great Wall, Chery Show China’s Domestic Luxury Auto Market Shifting Into Gear

New Luxury Models From Geely, Great Wall Target Evolving Market, Seeking Market Share From Foreign Brands

The Geely GE: Will Geely's Foray Into The Luxury Market Pay Off? © Geely

The Geely GE: Could Geely's first foray into the luxury market pay off? © Geely

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At the Shanghai Auto Show, foreign car executives have been discussing the prospects for their brands in the mainland China market as domestic carmakers begin to move beyond their traditional low price-point and into more high-end, luxury segments.

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Porsche To Debut Panamera Turbo at Shanghai Auto Show

Four-Door Sport Sedan Boasts Performance And Plenty of Room

Debuting in Shanghai: the 2010 Porsche Panamera

Debuting in Shanghai: the 2010 Porsche Panamera


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Shanghaiist reports on another automotive development sure to be a hit in the world’s more monied cities. Recession be damned, Porsche is set to debut their new Panamera Turbo at the upcoming Shanghai Auto Show.

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Is China Poised to Dominate the Electric Car Market?

Chinese Automakers Hope to Leapfrog the Competition


Tianjin-Qingyuan: One of China's Hybrid/Electric Auto Frontrunners

Following up my last post on luxury SUVs, I noticed a rash of stories today about the opposite end of the automotive spectrum — the electric car. There has been a lot of chatter about Chinese electric cars in recent months, mainly brought on by Warren Buffett’s $232 million investment in BYD last October. Since then, there has been more talk on both sides of the Pacific Ocean about increasing production of electric and hybrid vehicles, not only for the environmental benefits they bring, but also to corner a lucrative new global market. As China’s automotive market is still relatively young, competition will be fierce between new Chinese automakers like Shenzhen-based BYD and Tianjin-based Tianjin-Qingyuan and the more established Japanese powerhouses and North American giants (if they manage to get their act together in time). No matter what, manufacturing electric and hybrid vehicles is big business, even if you just count the Chinese domestic market. And the Chinese government is making it clear that they think the country can become the world’s electric vehicle manufacturing epicenter and eclipse production from other traditional auto capitals. As the New York Times writes,

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Luxury SUV Market in China Apparently Alive and Kicking

Great Wall’s High-End Hover Concept Takes Shape


Great Wall's Hover 3 Concept -- Are China's domestic luxury automakers going to be able to keep up with their foreign competitors?

Chinese carmaker Great Wall’s Hover series of SUVs has seen surprising popularity throughout China, and it looks like the brand is keen to increase its model offerings to include a smaller version of its flagship luxury SUV the H7.

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