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Chinese Investment Climbs 30.5% on Stimulus Plan, Surging Loans – Bloomberg

China’s 4 Trillion Yuan Stimulus Takes Hold, Picking Up Slack For Lower Export Figures

China Trade

Slowing Exports, but growing domestic growth, may help China's recovery come sooner rather than later

Results coming out of China this week show that the government’s massive 4 trillion RMB ($586 billion) stimulus package — which is designed to boost domestic consumption, inland infrastructure construction, and earthquake reconstruction projects — coupled with a recent 30.5% boost in urban fixed-asset investment in the first four months of this year are helping the world’s third-largest economy get back on a solid growth track earlier than many other major world economies.

This is good news for China as well as the global economy, which pins much of the hopes of a relatively quick recovery on China’s domestic consumption. As Chinese consumers start to head back to shops, and manufacturers start to work their way up to higher capacity, demand for all kinds of products, both imported and domestically-produced, will help America, the EU, and Japan breathe slightly more easily. Bloomberg’s article today on China’s recovery progress gives encouraging signs that the country’s efforts to stem the financial crisis by investing huge amounts into infrastructure projects that should pay off in the long term should have a far-reaching ripple effect:

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