“Bourgeoisified Proletariat” Takes Center Stage In Shanghai

Exhibition Gathers More than 40 Contemporary Chinese Artists In Shanghai’s Songjiang District

Shanghai Songjiang Creative Studio will host the expansive "Bourgeonisified Proletariat" art show from September 10-14

Shanghai Songjiang Creative Studio will host the expansive "Bourgeonisified Proletariat" art show from September 10-14

As summer turns into fall, we’re seeing a lot of action on the Chinese contemporary art front. With upcoming auctions set to take place in Hong Kong and elsewhere, and plenty of chatter about upcoming gallery exhibitions and projects, a new exhibition, “Bourgeoisified Proletariat,” will run between September 10-14 in Shanghai’s Songjiang District — an area which has become increasingly popular as one of China’s major art epicenters in recent years.

According to Artipedia, the exhibition is comprised of works in a wide range of mediums, from video to painting, by more than 40 contemporary Chinese artists and art organizations. As interest in Chinese contemporary art continues to grow among Chinese art enthusiasts and collectors, this exhibition will be a great opportunity for these people to see a wide range of works up-close, giving younger artists some much-needed exposure:

Since 1997, a curating team composed of 10 artists has organized numerous art exhibitions in China and abroad. In September 2009, they will present Bourgeoisified Proletariat, a large-scale independent show featuring outstanding works by more than 40 Chinese artists and art organizations. Featured in the exhibition will be new productions embracing varied media from installation, video, cine film, sculpture, performance to painting, photography, shown alongside with on-site projects. The title “Bourgeoisied Proletariat” was inspired from a letter sent by Engels to Marx in 1858.

Through this event, the curating team hopes that these artists and organizations, considered by certain connoisseurs as belonging to one of the leading trends in Chinese contemporary art, will gain more attention. In this financial crisis background, visitors will have the opportunity to examine what artists are currently focusing on as well as the contemporary art system in China.

Exhibition space
This exhibition will be presented in the spaces 1 and 3 (5000 sqm altogether) of the newly opened Shanghai Songjiang Creative Studio. The Songjiang Creative Studio is a new multifunction complex of 40000 sqm dedicated to the promotion of art, composed of exhibition spaces, artists studios, cafe, educational center and even an ancient house coming from Suzhou.

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