China’s Top Ski Resort Takes A Five-Star Trail

Yabuli Resort Invests Heavily, Attracting Three New Five-Star Hotels In The Past Year Alone

Sun Mountain at Yabuli is one of the resort's brand-new five-star luxury hotels

Sun Mountain at Yabuli is one of the resort's brand-new five-star luxury hotels

Today, PlanetSKI writes on an interesting development in the Chinese ski industry — still a nascent industry, by all accounts, but one that has grown exponentially in the last decade — as the Yabuli ski resort in China’s Heilongjiang province has announced that it will invest $100 million to upgrade its facilities and build two more five-star hotels. The resort, which had previously been criticized by some foreign skiers for sub-standard accommodations, is seeking to shed any semblance of this image by emerging as China’s premier international-level ski resort.

PlanetSKI succinctly illustrates how these developments will greatly appeal to the demands of both foreign and domestic skiers:

[Yabuli’s] new hotels have been built in a new development, Sun Mountain Resort, which also includes a heated gondola complete with leather seats, mini-bars and BOSE sound systems as well as a six-seater high speed chairlift.

It’s been designed by Ecosign, the Vancouver based company which is behind the design of dozens of leading ski areas worldwide.

The last of the three hotels, which have added over 300 luxury hotel rooms in total, opens this autumn.

A  new road to the regional capital Harbin, just under 200km away, as well as a new rail- link which opened in late 2007 have also improved access to the resort.

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