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China’s Hainan Holiday Island “Goes Luxe”: WSJ

Local Authorities Tout Sanya As The Hawaii Of China, Borrowing Elements From Destinations Like Phuket, Thailand and Cancun, Mexico

The Mandarin Oriental at Sanya

The Mandarin Oriental at Sanya

Recently we wrote on a number of domestic and foreign hoteliers flocking to China’s Hainan Island, long a tropical retreat for Chinese tourists and increasingly popular with foreign tourists as well. Today, the Wall Street Journal discusses the great potential this island holds for luxury hotels, and the continued growth that the island’s authorities see in the hotel and tourism sector. As Hainan’s tourism industry continues to internationalize and rival neighboring resort areas in Thailand, Vietnam and elsewhere, we are sure to hear about even more hotel chains holding Sanya in the same regard as Phuket, Cannes, Cancun and Grand Cayman.

As the Wall Street Journal points out, much of the growth in Hainan’s luxury tourism sector is coming from wealthy Chinese tourists, who see the island as an exotic getaway with all the amenities of world-class resorts without the passport or visa hassles. Hainan’s location, relatively close to China’s Special Administrative Regions of Macau and Hong Kong, and the country’s economic powerhouse of Guangdong province, make the trip to Sanya even that much easier for many of China’s luxury travelers.

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