Porsche To Debut Panamera Turbo at Shanghai Auto Show

Four-Door Sport Sedan Boasts Performance And Plenty of Room

Debuting in Shanghai: the 2010 Porsche Panamera

Debuting in Shanghai: the 2010 Porsche Panamera


Read more at Jing Daily.

Shanghaiist reports on another automotive development sure to be a hit in the world’s more monied cities. Recession be damned, Porsche is set to debut their new Panamera Turbo at the upcoming Shanghai Auto Show.

Read More At Jing Daily

18 responses to “Porsche To Debut Panamera Turbo at Shanghai Auto Show

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  7. It´s a great car but, is it a Porsche?

  8. ITS above of all cars in the world.

  9. good car, nice car..
    i like this car…

  10. There are now so many Car of the Year awards given out that the whole idea of one vehicle being honored above all others has lost its impact. But when the giver of said award is Playboy Magazine, well, the honor means a little more. Why? Because Playboy doesn’t pick a winner based on such tangible criteria as horsepower, miles per gallon or MSRP. They don’t care so much about the fastest, greenest or most significant car in its segment. They care about cool. Which car is going to get you to that VIP event and make all eyes turn towards you on arrival? For 2010, Playboy says that car is the Porsche Panamera.

  11. This web site is the best !!!!!

  12. Awesome car check this blog on the 2010 porsche panamera, have video clip, specs, photo and more!!!

  13. I’d drive it. A lot more functional for taking out clients than a 911.

  14. ruben santiago

    want one

  15. señores te llamame este porsche para poder comprar este me gustas muchos es muy hermoso que va a comprar vale $600,000000 milliones dolares te llamamos tel:2557472 colombia – medellin

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