Daily Archives: April 4, 2009

Chinese Art Coming To a Museum Near You

More Museums Expected to Follow the Lead of the Getty, MOMA, Tate, Pompidou etc.

Yesterday, we wrote about the Getty Museum in Los Angeles acquiring photos by Chinese artists Wang Qingsong and Hai Bo, and described how the leap from gallery or personal collection to museum solidifies an artists’ or a country’s artwork, giving it validation and ensuring longevity. Since then, we’ve been keeping an eye out for articles on this topic, and are finding that the story has been picked up pretty widely, with each outlet throwing in a little more detail.

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Chinese Economy Beginning to “Warm Up” – Times Online

Aggressive Measures Starting To Show Results

changyouThe Times UK has an interesting article about the Chinese economy starting to show signs that the government’s recent stimulus measures are taking hold. While the economy still isn’t out of the woods just yet, recently it appears that it may have bottomed out early in the first quarter of this year.

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